Happy New Year from Uekis!!

It’s been a long time no post. But, I would like to say to all of you, “A Happy New Year!!” I hope you have wonderful year with our mighty savior this year as well.

As Japanese, we celebrate new year day with several thing, one of our tradition is to send a new year card to friends and relatives. We usually make a card with family picture. This year, we tried to take a picture of us in front of our home as usual. However I noticed how difficult it is to take a picture of family with four kids. No matter how we try to see the camera at the same time,  somebody our kids see other thing!

This picture is one of the “best” picture out of more than 10 pictures. But, you’ll notice that you cannot see baby Joe’s face. Eventually, we gave up to take a photo but decided to use another photo that everyone looks good. (Sorry kids, but I appreciate your contribution!)

Anyway, this is our first story of this year. It is funny story, but indeed it is definitely “Blessing” by God. A family with four kids is rare in Japan now. I and my wife believe that our kids are nothing but God’s mercy and blessing to us. So, we hope God may show His Aroma in the nation of Japan through us; messy, unsophisticated, but loving-each-other-by-His-grace family.

At the foot spa, near our house.

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