Sawako Prayer Requests and Updates #1

Dear Team and Friends

Some of you already heard about my wife’s health situation, but let me officially announce you and ask you for your prayers.

My wife Sawako was diagnosed as cervical cancer couple weeks ago.

And today, we had a doctor appointment and also we heard detail situation. So, let me describe the facts briefly:

1. The doctor found the cancer on July. It’s been almost 6 months since she strange health condition and went to the hospital, local clinic many times. Thanks to God for finding the reason of her health issue eventually.

2. The doctor said that the cancer stage looks early stage, which is great news. Praise the Lord!! Another good news is that generally it is said that cervical cancer grows slowly.

3. Bad news is that the hospital (Nagoya University Hospital) recommends “radical hysterectomy”, which means they remove whole uterus, ovary, and also some lymph node. We thought if the stage early, the surgery has to be simpler and doesn’t have to remove everything. We understand the “radical hysterectomy” and “simple total hysterectomy” has huge differences so would like to refuse “removing everything”.

4. We are still waiting for MRI next week, 31st. And depends on the test, the stage, situation, everything would change.

5. Since the surgery could be radical, we will see the result of MRI and will seek the second opinion from other hospital.

6. There is a possibility to have radiation therapy instead of surgery. (I heard in US there are more radiation therapy than surgery. Please let me know if you know about the cases)

At first we were very shocked and struggled the fact. However, hearing more details and knowing this is early stage, we started to feel comforted and seek what is God’ purpose on my wife and our family. So, please remember us and join in our prayer:

1) I usually ask you for the first prayer request as glorifying God, but please allow me to ask you for Sawako’s healing first. She has been suffered from her health issues more than 3 years, including hypoglycemia and other minor issues. Please pray for the healing of cancer, and also hypoglycemia.

2) Please, please pray for myself! I have been experienced tremendous spiritual and mental attack/tiredness/disappointment. Ironically, Sawako is much, much healthier in terms of spiritual/mental health. To be honest, I don’t feel like doing anything for these couple weeks, not only the fact of my wife’s cancer, but also other minor/major worries and heartaches.

3) Please pray for our family, especially our kids, John, Jay, Yuzuri, and Joe. We told about Sawako’s cancer couple days ago. Some of our kids understood, but they are sad mostly because they cannot have any more siblings… Please pray for strengthening our family unity and protect from evil ones.

4) Please pray for our finances. First of all, I thank God and everyone for blessing our regular budgets. We are enough supported for our ministry life. On the other hand, due to many tests and doctor appointments, we spend a lot for medical care recently. and also surgery and aftercare are expected soon.

5) Please pray that most of all God reveals His glorious will and glorify Himself through this situation. Please pray that I and Sawako, we all realize that He is our God, sovereign, almighty God. And know He is the one who allows us to suffer, and He is the one who saves us from the suffering, eternal suffering. And know He is the one who is to be glorified eternally, even a midst of suffering.

I really appreciate you for being the partner and team for the gospel in the global world. Thank you very much.