Sawako Prayer Requests and Updates #2

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

(I’m sending those who didn’t receive previous email as well. If you don’t know the situation please see our previous email below. If you no longer wish to receive our email, please feel free to let us know)

Thank you very much for your prayer for my wife and my family. We received many many replies, encouragements, and even many phone calls. How much we are blessed and loved by you all. Thank you very much.

After last email, we had couple doctor appointments and received some results for the tests. Here are some updates:

1) MRI result showed not small cancerous tumor. This is bad news. Before the MRI, we couldn’t find anything cancerous. The doctor said the stage is worse than ever.

2) The MRI result and some advices from our friends convinced us to have radical hysterectomy. However, we are still anxious after effect, such as urination disorder, lymphedema etc… Also there is possibility to have radiation therapy and Chemotherapy after the surgery.

3) We decided not to ask second opinion, but go ahead to have surgery at Nagoya University Hospital.

4) The surgery will be 21st, August. And Sawako will be hospitalized on Monday 19th. Hopefully she will be discharged within 14 days.
As I asked you to pray for us, I’d like you to continue to pray for us, especially following things:
1. Please continue to pray for Sawako’s healing. The more we have doctor appointments, the worse situation we hear. Another word, we realize the situation is being worse. Please pray for her healing. I know and believe God is healer. Thankfully Sawako has great hope for the healing, and so do I. But, we are not perfect and often times we feel weakness and anxiety. And sometimes wonder what is God’s will. Please continue to pray for Sawako’s healing.

2. Please continue to pray for Shohei. I am mentally exhausted and down for couple weeks. And, I feel some depression. I know I am the one who help my wife and I need to be. But, I am discouraged myself because I cannot do enough because of my mental situation. Please pray for me.

3. Please continue to pray for my family, especially for my kids. One of our regrets is that we are not being able to take good care of our kids in this summer vacation time. We feel very sorry for them. But they understand and care about me and Sawako. Also, thanks for some friends for offering to take care of our kids during our doctor appointments. We will need some more practical help especially during Sawako’s hospitalization.

4. Please continue to pray for the finances. We already heard some offering for the financial help. Thank you very much. We don’t know how much it costs for the hospitalization and surgery yet. Please continue to pray for that.

5. Again, above all please pray for God’s glory through this situation. We want to seek His kingdom and His righteousness first. And we need proclaim His gospel everyday, every moment. We believer He is healer, not only healer of cancer but He is the perfect healer of our sinful, imperfect lives. Please pray for our reliance for God Most of all.

Again, we deeply appreciate your prayer and help. Grace be will you all.