Sawako Prayer Requests and Update #3

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,
It has been long time no update. I apologize to you all for the delay.

But, I deeply appreciate your unceasing prayer for my wife Sawako, me and Ueki family. How much we have been encouraged by your prayer and support. I cannot express our thankfulness enough but our savior knows what you have been doing for us. May the Lord bless you all abundantly.

Here is updates (There are some private information. Please do not spread the information carelessly) :

1) Surgery went well. Sawako had surgery August 21st, 9:00AM- 2:00PM. The doctor said the surgery went very smoothly, removed uterus, ovaries, and some lymph nodes.

2) Result was worse than we had expected (again). The cancer was over 4cm, HOWEVER, no involvement of lymph nodes. (Which is wonderful news!! Praise the Lord!!!) Also no involvement of ovaries. The doctor said it is still in high risk range.

3) 48 hours after surgery was the most painful moment. Painkiller didn’t work, but because of the medicines she was almost unconscious. However, the pain has been gradually relieved from pain. Now she has a pain only when she sneeze or cough.

4) Urination process and lymphedema: Sawako is now in the process for Urination. It doesn’t go perfect, but gradually being better. Also, there is a fear of lymphedema, which appears as leg swelling. it doesn’t appear lymphedema yet, however, it has possibilities to appear in 10 years+. Please pray for the progress for the urination and lymphedema.

5) Additional treatment: Sawako will have additional treatment, Radio Therapy and Chemo Therapy. Please please please pray for this!!

Radio therapy will start from 19th, September. Everyday weekdays, total 25days. Supposed to finish 25th, October.

Chemo Therapy will start from 24th, September. Sawako will need to be hospitalized a week in each months, September 23rd-30th, October 21st-28th, and November 18th-25th or so.

So, total additional treatment will finish in the end of November. This will be longer and tougher battle for Sawako, me, entire family and all supporters and prayer warriors. We need your continued support.

6) Shohei’s mental situation: I am in a depression state. I apologize again for not being responsible email but it’s because of my mental situation. I wanted to give you update but I couldn’t do it. So, please forgive me. I had a doctor appointment couple days ago and received a medicine. However, the side effect was hard so I changed the medicine. Please pray for me.
Here are some prayer requests:

1. Please please please pray for Sawako’s perfect recovery!!! No more cancers, no more pain, no more fear!! Please please please pray!!!

2. Please pray for Ueki kids. I and Sawako feel very sorry and bad for our kids. Kids are very patient and doing wonderful. But, we are sure they suffers a lot as well. Our second son Jay has a tic especially recently.

3. Please pray for Shohei. As I shared I’m in the depression state. It feel a bit better after changing medicine but still full of anxiety and worries. I thank God that I can write email to you now. Please pray for my healing.

4. Thank you very very much for your support. So many people expressed support and did support us, physically, mentally, and financially. I and Sawako are talking how much we are blessed by you all and so thankful for your love. I’d like to tighten our love and bond (Kizuna) as brothers and sisters in Christ. So, please pray for each person who connect each other because of us, because of this situation.
I have couple specific updates at Facebook. I intentionally reduce specific information about Sawako’s situation because of public nature of Facebook, but there are some photos and quick update. If you are not FB friend of me or Sawako and wish to connect, please search me.
Thank you very very much for your prayers and supports. Again, it’ll be longer battle. So, please continue to pray for Sawako and Ueki family.

Psalms 40:1-3
“I waited patiently for the LORD; he inclined to me and heard my cry. He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the LORD.”
In Christ,
Shohei Ueki