Sawako Prayer Requests and Update #4

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

First of all, I thank you all for your faithfulness in your prayer for my wife Sawako and Ueki family.

It has been long long time no update, since September. It’s mainly because of my depression. I’ll describe more specifically later, but I haven’t been able to work on emails for a couple months. I apologize to you all, especially those who are praying and waiting for my update. (also I apologize especially to those who are not connected with Facebook. I posted some quick updates to Facebook but I’m afraid you missed them)

But, I would like to tell you the wonderful news this time: Sawako is healed from cancer!!!

It has been long and difficult months for Sawako, me and my kids. But I praise the Lord that He is our savior and healer. He indeed healed Sawako!!

Let me share with some updates after the surgery:

1) Sawako had two additional treatments, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. She had 25 times of Radiotherapy from September 19th to October 22nd. And 3 times of Chemotherapy (September 23rd- 29th, October 21st-27th, and November 18th-23rd) All of them went very well. She had some nauseousness and other side effects of these treatments, but she fought very well.

2) Prognosis is good. She took blood test many times after the surgery, and had some low white blood cell counts and other minor issues. But there is no major problems. Also, she took CT scan December 3rd, and there is no manifestation of relapse. Above all, she is recovering very well.

So overall, things are going really well. Again and again, I thank you very much for your prayers!!

3) Let me share a bit about my (Shohei’s) situation. Since my wife was diagnosed cancer, I started to have depression. I went to the mental clinic on September and currently I’m taking medicines. It was very difficult time, but the medicine worked well and getting better little by little. And I just was told to reduce the amount of the medicine today. Also I had some counseling with Christian counselor and going to continue it. To be honest, I’m not recovered yet, and I don’t how long it takes to get well, but I believe God is healer and He heals my depression just as He healed my wife’s cancer.

I’d like to share more with you but let me stop with some prayer requests:

1. Please rejoice with me and give thanks to God our healer together!! Sometimes, I doubted his mighty power and stedfast love. I struggled with His sovereign will and justice. But, He is our God almighty and He is our savior to redeem our sins. And He is THE healer. I thank our doctors who had surgery and also thank high advanced technologies. But, nothing happened without our saviors’ hand. I confess my sin of faithlessness, but I praise for His faithfulness.

2. Please continue to pray for Sawako. She is still in the process of recovery. Also also there is possibility for relapse, so we still need your prayer and help. She will monitor with blood tests and CT scan for several years. Also, she has some difficulties for urinary system.

3. Please continue to pray for Ueki kids. They endured very well. I thank God that He protected our kids and moreover He used this time for tighten our family unity and grow our kids well. I mentioned previously that our second son’s tic. It’s being better now. Praise the Lord!

4. Please continue to pray for Shohei. Please pray for healing depression. I’m afraid but it’ll take longer. But, please pray that God uses this time for growth of my faith, to rely on Him alone.

5. I thank you very very much for your supports; physical support, spiritual and mental support, financial support, and every kind of support!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Again and again, I deeply appreciate your prayer and support. I think this is the last email update to share. If you have any questions or comments, suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

I’ll send you a Christmas card tomorrow. Please enjoy our cute four kids and healed my wife’s smile 🙂
With many many thanks…. Merry Christmas!!

Shohei and Sawako Ueki