Ueki Family Newsletter – October 2016

It has been already 14 months since we moved from Nagoya to Boston. Time flies! We are so grateful for your prayers and support! Thank you very much!!

Life in New England

Fall in New England is extremely beautiful. Leaves turn from green to vivid yellow and red. Cool and fresh air brings us the smell of the forest. Squirrels go here and there actively collecting acorns to prepare for a cold winter. If people were asked when is the best time to visit Boston, they will definitely say fall is the best. So if you are considering visiting Boston, please come now!

When we see this beautiful nature, we wonder how much more God ’s blessing through our human relationships is amazing. We are surrounded by wonderful people, wonderful seminary faculty and fellow students, wonderful people in church, wonderful friends in Japan and wonderful supporters all around the world! And we are here in Boston because of your prayers and support. What a blessing! We are grateful for you all! We are grateful for your love and support as we spend this precious time and training for ministry in Japan. Thank you!

Fall Semester

I am taking my final semester for the Th.M. degree. This semester, I take two classes related to preaching in the Japanese context. One class is called “Cultural Exegesis for Preaching.” The class aims to understand the specific cultural context and apply our preaching to the people in the context. The students pick one specific cultural context, do research, and apply it to their preaching. I chose young adults in Tokyo. I did some research and interviewed a pastor in Tokyo. But it’s not a class only about research. We will preach from our studies and apply it to the specific context. I always appreciate these classes because they’re very practical. Although I am excited to preach in class in a couple weeks, I cannot wait to preach to real people in Japan!

Kids School

One of our biggest worries was our kids’ schooling. But it has turned out to be the biggest blessing. Our kids love school! John spent a successful 7th grade and now he is an 8th grader. He started cross country running and he is one of the top 5 runners in the school! Jay entered 6th grade in middle school. Jay was scouted by a soccer coach and started to play soccer now! Yuzuri is in 3rd grade and plays with girls in the apartment all day. The biggest surprise is our youngest Joe. He became a Kindergarten student! Since Sawako’s first pregnancy, she has been with at least one child all the time for 14 years. Now she is done!!

What’s Next?

I am graduating seminary in December. What’s next? Well, it’s not clear yet. One of the opportunities is to go on to doctoral study. By God’s grace, my Th.M. study was very blessed and professors recommended me for Ph.D. study. Thankfully, one professor offered to be my supervisor if I apply to the program. If the Lord is willing, I want to pursue this opportunity and contribute to Japanese preaching studies. Another possibility is to serve in a church in the US and prepare for ordination. To do this, I need to do an internship for a year in the church. I believe both study and ordination are important preparations for my ministry back in Japan. Please pray God’s clear path for the next step!

Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for our next phase:

    We need make a decision for the next step as soon as possible. Please pray for God to give us a strong conviction for in this. And please pray for our faith and obedience to follow His direction.

  2. Please pray for our health, physical health, mental health, and Spiritual health:

    For a certain reason, Sawako had to cancel her post-cancer checkup this month. We need to figure something out but it is very challenging right now. Please pray God would provide a constant check-up opportunity. Also please pray for Shohei’s mental health, as he both finishes up his study and searches for the next opportunity. Please pray for God’s peace on him.