Ueki Family Newsletter: May 2016

Thank you very much for your continued prayers and generous support. Ueki family is doing well and enjoying life in the US. It has been so long since our last update. We are very sorry for not being able to keep you updated throughout, but we would love to share our life with you up-to- date now in this newsletter!

Life in the US

The first year living in a foreign country is always challenging. But thankfully we are settled here in Boston well. Shohei is surviving seminary life (actually he is enjoying it very much). Sawako is also enjoying her life with her new friends in the seminary and church community. John, Jay and Yuzuri are enjoying their schools. And Joe enjoys playing with his friends in the apartment community. We praise God who has been faithful and gracious to each one of us!

We are also blessed by our new church as well. The church is called First Presbyterian Church (FPC) Northshore. They have multiple programs we can join. Sawako joined the women’s Bible study group. Although it is very challenging for her to do Bible study in a foreign language, she enjoys the study and friendship with other members very much. Now, we are involved in their church planting as regular attenders. When we started to go to FPC, they just started their new satellite church planting in another town. Since we did church planting in Japan, the atmosphere and environment are suitable for us. So we decided to be settled in this campus.

Fall and Spring Semesters Ended!

Last Friday, I (Shohei) finished my second semester. Including last Fall semester, those 8 months were very concentrated and full of rigorous study time. While I faced many challenges, the blessings of the studies are tremendous. One of the highlights is from the course called “Preaching for Special Occasions.” The students learn about preaching for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, baptisms, and even after dinner speeches. We preached once every two weeks on each of these topical occasions. I found many cultural differences between America and Japan regarding these special occasions. But the common ground is that we are called to preach the Christ-centered gospel message in any and every occasion with love and sincerity.

Kids School!

The kids enjoy their school lives very much. John is in 7th grade in middle school (Wow, John is in middle school already? Unbelievable!). Jay is in 5th grade and Yuzuri is now a 2nd grader. And, Joe is still staying home now but he is going to be a kindergarten kid this coming fall. In fact, Joe is an English fluent speaker now. And one headache we have as parents is that Joe speaks more English than Japanese! In order to remember his Japanese, we had to make a rule, “No English at home.” Please continue to pray for our kids’ education and growth.

What’s next?

Shohei was supposed to finish all Th.M. study and graduate this May, but we decided to extend to one more semester. One of the main reasons is balancing between study and family. While study is very important in the seminary life, I cannot do anything without my family. So, we decided to reduce course work and spend more time and energy with family. Thankfully, God blessed Shohei’s study and also family time and bonding, especially during spring semester. Shohei will take two courses in fall semester and then will graduate.

Prayer Requests

Your prayers are always appreciated. We believe your prayers are the strongest weapon and protection as we live our lives and follow His mission. So, please join our prayers!

  1. 1)  Please pray for our family unity:

    Praise the Lord for His blessing and grace for our family! Please pray for us that we with continue to love and serve one another with sacrificial love!

  2. Please pray for our health, physical health, mental health, and Spiritual health: Thankfully, the kids are all well and energetic! Sawako is monitoring her post- cancer checkup. She also has been feeling the symptoms of hypoglycemia lately. She went to Harvard Diabetes Center and checked her health issue. Please continue to pray for Sawako’s health.
  3. Please pray for Shohei: Please continue to pray for Shohei as he continues with his fall semester in September and finishes his study. Also please pray for him as he goes to Indonesia for attending Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG) in August. Please pray for Sawako and kids while Shohei is away from the family.
  4. Please pray for our financial situation: Since we have decided to extend our stay, we will need some financial support. With health insurance and apartment rent, we will need $11,250 more in needed donations. Please continue to pray for us.